Joysine Technology Co., LTD is one of the major rare oxides supplier in China.
Our factory is located in Shandong Province.
With years of experience and the support from our suppliers, the product we offer are more comprehensive with high quality such as cerium oxide, Lanthanum oxide, erbium oxide and so on.

Joysine keeps a good supplying relationship with each distributor and can offer the customers with convenient and fast transportation, as well as after-sale service.
We possess a well equipped automobile transportation team and has set up a set of perfect and rigorous satellite supervising system, so that it can ensure the delivery in time, also the experienced professional employee team offers the high-quality and stable service with reliable assurance.

Joysine will carry forwards its cause into the future and look forwards a long-lasting development.
We hope our sincerity and ability in improvement can bring you with more profits and commercial opportunities.

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