China Treasury to cancel the rare earths, tungsten, molybdenum, and other products export tariffs

23, learns from the ministry of finance website, approved by the state council, adjust the partial products export tariffs, cancel the steel powder particles, rare earths, tungsten, molybdenum, and other products of export tariffs, for aluminum products such as export processing material investigation.

The WTO against fuse of China gradually adjust the export policy

On December 31, 2014, the ministry of commerce, general administration of customs announcement no. 94 2014 2015 category of goods export license administration, including rare earths, tungsten, molybdenum and tungsten products, such as eight kinds of goods, with export contracts for export license, do not need to provide documents of approval, but for the export tariffs did not adjust accordingly, before the market for countries before May 2, adjust the export tariff talk more.

Rare earth metals before export tariffs of 25%, tungsten and molybdenum iron iron tariffs up to 20%. Tariffs on countries, mainly for the purpose of protecting domestic rare metal, but after the WTO against, this adjustment is also thought to be “no”.

On August 7, 2013, the WTO released the United States, the European Union, Japan v Chinese rare earth export management measures related to the appellate body report. The report is final report. Lasted final report in March 2013, the panel’s initial verdict, namely that China’s export restrictions on rare earths and other products violates the WTO rules, think that China’s export tariffs and quotas not to environmental protection and resource protection reasons to prove its rationality.

After adjusting the export right stimulus non-ferrous industry profit is good

According to statistics, China for a long time to only 23% of the world’s rare earth reserves, 47% of the tungsten reserves, supply 90% of the rare earth products to the international market, the duties of the cancellation, for the rare earth export will be advantageous in ascension, the cancellation of the export tariffs will increase export price bargaining power, to a certain extent can alleviate the pressure of domestic oversupply, prompt market get better.

According to the bank of China international analyst said, once the export tariffs will be cancelled and the rare earth export will appear a sharp fall in prices, export quantity increase, the domestic rare earth prices may rise, but the Chinese government wants to see the rare earth price stability, maintain the sustainable development of rare earth resources. As a result, the market expected the first half of the Chinese government will adopt more policies to rare earth industry. In addition, in terms of resource tax, the expectations that the government would consider alternative to high resource tax export tariffs, the future mining way of resource tax duty or by the original “from volume” into “AD valorem duty”, and the tax rate will rise sharply. In terms of the country, the rare earth resource taxes will rise sharply, driving up prices.

For tungsten molybdenum ways, according to analysts said Hu Yan tungsten molybdenum production accounted for less than 10% in exports, exports are not the main direction. The export tariffs will be cancelled and will to some extent promote the tungsten molybdenum exports, but at present, the international demand is not ideal, Japan and other major importer for recycling utilization by tungsten molybdenum, greatly reduces the tungsten molybdenum import demand, policy adjustment is expected to export the actual effect is limited.