Ginseng + rare earth can cure MERS ?

Packaging “JTG – 2” central news agency reported Thursday, north Korean researchers developed an immunity enhancement drugs, can be used for the prevention and treatment of malignant infectious diseases such as respiratory syndrome (MERS) in the Middle East. Drug called “JTG – 2”, is a kind of injection, ingredients including ginseng extract and rare earth elements, by north Korea’s rich and powerful pharmaceutical researchers developed society. To this, the yonhap news agency, the outside world is unable to confirm north Korea’s claim. However, given that north Korea’s health care system is weak, the idea that reliability is questionable.

New drug is 1996

Updated version

According to the report, drug called “JTG – 2”, is a kind of injection, ingredients including ginseng extract and rare earth elements, researchers developed by north Korea’s rich and powerful pharmaceutical company. From the Korean central news agency published photos, this kind of drug packaging for gold, emblazoned with red marks. Drug carton eight, in glass bottles.

According to north Korea’s “national communication” website, researchers have developed as early as 1996, a similar drug, the drug is previous “upgrade”. North Korea’s rich and powerful pharmaceutical society director, the doctor said: all great “as a powerful immune stimulation regulator, the injection has been identified to prevent different kinds of malignant epidemic.”

In view of the central news agency reported this, yonhap news agency, the outside world is unable to confirm north Korea’s claim. However, given that north Korea’s health care system is weak, the idea that reliability is questionable.

MERS virus outbreak in South Korea, the north Korean government also attaches great importance to the epidemic prevention and control. Earlier this month, at the request of the north, the south Korean kaesong industrial park in north Korea launched three temperature testing equipment, testing whether attending the symptoms of fever, to prevent the spread of the virus to north Korea.

Ginseng extract

And is for the crystallization of the rare earth elements of all great kcna news agency said: “researchers will inject ginseng of trace rare earth elements, such, rare earth can be combined and sugar composition of ginseng, ginseng by into a complex ideal. Injection is extracted from the complex elements.” “SARS, ebola and MERS and other infectious diseases are associated with low immunity, so ‘JTG – 2 injection as a potent immune activation agent can cure these diseases easily.” All schoenberg said.

However, the north Korean media did not mention this potion which kind of, is the rare earth elements in also did not say whether the agent has for export. But, foreign media reported “JTG – 2” has been in Moscow by north Korea to buy a dealerships.

Due to the weak medical system, the half-year, north Korea has taken various measures to reduce the number of foreign tourists, such as to prevent them from the ebola virus into north Korea. In the first half of this year held in Pyongyang marathon also nearly so cancelled.

Expert analysis, although not ebola outbreak near north Korea, but north Korea remains committed to research and development of new drugs, a big reason is that in order to resist tuberculosis, respiratory infections, etc. The main diseases affecting the north Korean people’s health. In 2006 and 2013 malignant in the global outbreak of bird flu, north Korea has launched a similar drug.

The language and English report

Content of different style

The news reports have both Korean and English version. English articles used as propaganda, just mentioned the injection is rich and strong of pharmaceutical research and development of new society by north Korea is a kind of “strong immune agent” resurrection, language relatively restrained and conservative. The Korean version because it is internal to the people, the language style and foreign draft is different. The article firstly introduces the MERS of South Korea and the world and the ebola virus, said these are likely to affect “immunocompromised populations” “malignant virus”, and “JTG – 2” injection can effectively enhance human immunity, so effective for treatment of this two kind of virus.

The article also argues that the injection of some infectious diseases epidemic such as ordinary flu, SARS, bird flu and HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention effect. Shot “JTG – 2”, the article says the north koreans have been to the spread of disease area, has proved to be ok but come back, I can testify that this injection has a protective effect for these disease.

Kcna said in recent years in many American states have malignant cases of influenza spread, hundreds of people were killed and “JTG – 2” for these disease also have therapeutic effect. Finally suggested multinational take preventive measures, to the people this injection, MERS at the same time, the malignant infectious disease early cold symptoms such as ebola, before to other treatments to patients should be injected with the “strong immune agent” resurrection. “This is very be necessary, international experts have confirmed should do.” Central news agency reported. Comprehensive xinhua news agency said

Korea for the first time without MERS new cases, death

According to June 20 (xinhua) south Korean health welfare department, 20, said South Korea’s Middle East outbreak of respiratory syndrome (MERS) no new confirmed cases of infection, and no additional deaths on the day. This is South Korea since confirmed the first cases May 20th, first appeared at the same time there is no new cases and deaths.

South Korean health welfare department says that by the end of 20th morning 6, South Korea’s MERS at diagnosis for the same as the previous day, for 166 people, including 77 hospital patients, families, and visitors 59, hospital related professionals 30. At the same time, death cases did not increase, is still 24 people, including 22 is older patients or patients with chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, lung disease, they belong to the high risk population of infected respiratory syndrome in the Middle East. In addition, a full recovery after hospital discharge of patients treated by new 6 people, a total of 36 people. The rest of the 106 is still under treatment in patients, 15 were in unstable condition.

According to south Korean health welfare department figures, since the first confirmed cases, South Korea, there are more than 12000 people may be infected and quarantined. Among them, about 7400 people did not show any symptoms has ended segregation. As of 20, 5197 people are still in isolation, are suspected of inspection of 174 people. As of 19 afternoon 3 when, South Korea still has 108 schools were closed because of the outbreak.

19, the south Korean report only 1 case of new cases, is the lowest number since June 3. Two consecutive days, some people think that new cases lower, perhaps indicates that the outbreak is nearing an end. South Korean emergency control center of the ministry of health welfare, an official said the number of patients with a modest increase “let us believe that the spread of the disease are now falling”.

However, because of MERS virus incubation period of 14 days, some south Korean health welfare department officials warned, the number of patients may begin to increase again, because still have one thousand people who are isolated. South Korea’s President, said park geun-hye 19, respiratory syndrome virus will continue to strengthen measures to deal with the Middle East, until the deadly virus has been completely eradicated. She promised at the same time, South Korea will establish a complete system, in order to better cope with some emerging infectious diseases.