Jiangxi regulation of rare earths, tungsten, molybdenum prices funds in violation of regulations to fund projects to cancel

On June 23, net reporter learns from jiangxi provincial departments of jiangxi province in China, with the approval of the provincial government agreed that since May 1, 2015, in the province unified will of rare earths, tungsten, molybdenum mineral resources compensation fee rate to zero, stop the collection of rare earths, tungsten, molybdenum price regulation fund.

In accordance with the requirements of the provincial departments of all localities and departments concerned should fully clear specification of the region, the department issued of charge fund project involving rare earths, tungsten, molybdenum, whoever in violation of the provisions of administrative fees and government-managed funds management of examination and approval, unauthorized fund projects to the cancelling of charge.

Learned, clean up the relevant charge fund related to rare earths, tungsten, molybdenum, relevant departments to perform the expenditures of a normal job, by the same financial budget money guaranteed by the general public.