Woodfree Paper Offset Printing Paper

Woodfree Paper
Woodfree Paper Offset Printing Paper


Grammage: 60,70,80,100,120
used for high speed sheet paper offset printing

End Uses: Used for high speed sheet paper offset printing and business cycle printing, mainly for offset printing books, magazines, notebooks, color pictures, show bills, front covers of books, inserts, trademarks, publicity products, etc.



1.Utilizing the latest processes and quality control techniques, the quality of paper is guaranteed to be stable;
2.High whiteness makes for a comfortable visual experience
3.Favorable dimensional stability, accurate chromatography and visual pattern;
4.Excellent performance of shading and opacity during printing assures favorable color reduction for printing;
5.Smooth paper surface makes the screen dot post press very veritable, with comfortable texture;
6.Excellent paper formation and folding strength;
7.Excellent surface strength makes paper suitable for high speed offset printing.

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